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Presenting Companies

At the heart of CleanEquity Monaco are the 25* presenting companies. The presenting companies are carefully sourced and selected with a view to maintaining investor-quality opportunities from a broad cross section of the global cleantech industry.


Innovator Capital, hosts of CleanEquity Monaco, look at 600+ emerging cleantech companies a year. In addition to open applications, the firm receives and filters recommendations from:

  • CleanEquity Monaco Sponsors & Partners
  • Leading international universities and technology centers
  • Government ministers & advisors
  • Non-Governmental Organisations
  • Innovator Capital's advisory side research 
  • Applications to present at CleanEquity Monaco

Initial Selection

The initial 600+ companies are initialy assesed by Innovator Capital on the following 5 core criteria:

  • Management leadership & experience
  • Exceptional technology with world relevance
  • Robust and verifiable intellectual property
  • Excellent revenue potential
  • Max €300 million market cap or pre money valuation

Final Selection

Final selection of the presenting companies is completed by Innovator Capital in concert with the CleanEquity Selection Committee to ensure that the highest standards are met and that the best companies are invited. The CleanEquity Selection Committee includes representatives from our Corporate Finance Partners and a network of expert individuals from academia and industry.

The Result

CleanEquity Monaco 2018 had the highest calibre presenting companies ever to present in Monaco with future leaders in numerous fields in attendance.

Previous Award Winners Include












*Average number of presenting companies is 25

Companies 2019

Process & Benefits

To present at CleanEquity Monaco companies must adhere to 5 core selection criteria. Companies invited to present will be able to take advantage of many benefits.

Innovator Capital

Award Winners 2018